Comfort, functionality, and accessibility are key components to a productive workspace. Experience and attention to detail allow a customized space that will best meet a client’s needs, ranging from a state-of-the-art training facility to a small tech-oriented hub. The most successful corporate environments provide inspiration, focus, balance, and collaboration for all their employees.

Our corporate work

For over 60 years, we have worked to build a solid framework for local businesses to thrive and promote community development.

We strive to create office environments that promote companies to meet their maximum potential. It is more than creating impressive structures- it is about creating a layout and workflow space that allows employees to grow. By fostering company growth in a new office space, we play a part in economic sustainability, local business success, and community workforce development.

From a new build to a renovation – we bring your workspace to life.

For superior planning, oversight and execution, choose Lajoie Brothers for corporate renovation and construction projects. We distinguish ourselves through a keen understanding of the corporate sector's needs, our community-focused approach, and dedication to excellence. As a trusted partner for large and small businesses in Central Maine, we don't just construct offices. We create spaces to drive business success and community growth.