Life Sciences

In the past few years, the biotech and laboratory industry have become an integral part of our community. This construction sector requires proficiency to ensure critical research and progress can be completed both timely and efficiently. From the design and construction of specialized spaces such as controlled environments, cleanrooms, GMP facilities, and critical systems integration, attention to detail and precision are keys to success for us as well as our clients.


We strive to provide facilities that improve the sustainability and productivity of our community.

Successful collaboration with our clients has led to positive impacts within our community. From sustainability improvements within marine fisheries, to increasing the productivity of newborn calves right here in Maine, our work continues to help Maine make progress.

Strict regulatory standards and technical complexities in this sector require a precise and cognizant approach for all our projects.

Every detail matters, and attention to those details is integral in the service that we provide to our clients. From foundation to finish, we take pride in our ability to create a trusting relationship with our clients, allowing us to create a state-of-the-art space meeting all the specifications and needs within this industry.