Our Service Sectors

Sector Medical Image


Lajoie Brothers is a Maine leader in medical construction. The complexities of this sector require an expert touch, and our experience with numerous types of healthcare facilities provides a solid foundation for this important work.

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Sector Biotech | Lab Image

Life Sciences

Our experience includes the design and construction of specialized spaces like controlled environments, cleanrooms, GMP facilities, and areas for complex equipment installation and critical system integration.

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Sector Corporate Image


Our extensive work in the corporate sector showcases our ability to create functional, inspiring, and sustainable workspaces. We have created a diverse range of corporate structures that foster collaboration and productivity.

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Sector Industrial Image


Our expertise covers the full spectrum of industrial needs, from facilities with heavy-duty flooring and high-load bearing structures to accommodate large-scale machinery, to designing areas for assembly lines, storage, and logistics.

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Sector Retail Image


Each retail project is an opportunity to stimulate economic activity and support local businesses with beautiful, functional spaces to help our customers do their best work and contribute to the cultural fabric of our communities.

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Sector Financial Institution Image

Financial Institution

Financial institution construction projects require careful planning and execution. We have expertise in the accessibility standards, comprehensive security systems, and functional layout design required to enhance customer engagement.

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Sector Dealership Image


We have an eye for creating appealing, brand-consistent spaces, from the exterior to the customer lounge and administrative areas. Our designs accommodate the complex environmental and safety standards related to auto service and repair areas.

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Sector Higher Ed Image


By partnering with non-profit organizations, we are committed to helping our clients create safe, welcoming spaces so they can provide essential services to our community.

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Sector Multi-Unit Housing Image


Every housing project we undertake has an added layer of importance in light of Maine’s ongoing housing crunch. A place to live is vital for every Mainer, and by building homes, we are working to address a critical need for quality living spaces.

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Sector Higher Ed Image


Our hospitality work caters to the specific needs of the client, whether it be functionality, comfort, or unique detailing to catch the eyes of their customers.

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