Who We Are

For over 60 years, Lajoie Brothers has provided construction services in Maine with a focus on a solid partnership with our customers, a high quality of work, and a strong connection to our community.


From the day we opened our doors, we have been rooted in devotion and commitment to our local Maine community.

This commitment lies at the heart of our company. We view our work as more than construction- we are working with our clients to enrich our community and foster growth. Our projects reflect the unique needs of our community, the character of our region, and a shared vision for a prosperous Maine future.

But our commitment also goes beyond our work. Our deep ties with the local community also extend to our philanthropic efforts. We take pride in our team supporting local organizations, contributing to charities, and participating in local events. We believe in the value of engaging with our neighbors to promote an intricately connected community.


Expertise With a Down-to-Earth Approach

We maintain a commitment to delivering high quality construction services, yet also remaining transparent and humble. Regardless of project size, we believe in the power of personal relationships and value open communication with our clients. Our mantra is a constant reminder that our mission goes beyond construction. It is about building trust and shaping communities through every project we undertake and every relationship we cultivate.

We are constantly evolving our practices to incorporate the latest technology and industry trends – without compromising our personal touch and down to earth approach. We are driven by an innate desire to create spaces that are not simply structures, but a fusion of innovation, function, and the unique ethos of the clients we serve.


We value the unique perspectives and expertise our partners bring- from local businesses and homeowners to large corporations.

These relationships are built on a foundation of trust, mutual respect, and a shared commitment to excellence. Our partnership approach is not only with our trusted subcontractors. It extends to our clients, who are more than simply customers, but integral members of our project team. By fostering a collaborative atmosphere, we ensure open communication that guarantees a thorough understanding of our clients' needs, and a project outcome that aligns with their vision. At every step of the construction process, we strive to create meaningful and enduring partnerships that propel us, our partners, and our projects towards success.


Since our establishment in 1962, Lajoie Brothers has been committed to staying true to our heritage while building our legacy of becoming the best in the Maine construction industry.

Our history is a story of perseverance, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Though we have grown over the years, we have always remained true to our roots with a dedication to our core values of integrity, professionalism, and community service. This commitment extends to every job we undertake, from the small fit-outs to the largest scale projects.

Our history has also taught us the importance of adaptability. The construction world is constantly changing, and we have continued to adapt through the years. Through economic cycles and industry shifts, we have embraced change and leveraged opportunities to innovate. Today, we look back on our journey with pride, acknowledging the hard work, dedication, and resilience that have carried us this far. We also look forward with anticipation as we continue to learn and evolve, furthering our legacy of community involvement and exceptional workmanship - a bright future built on a foundation of quality.