The housing market continues to shift with an increasing and ever-changing Maine population. Construction in the housing sector requires strict attention to detail and timelines, but it is more than that. It is about creating a space that delivers comfort, security, and pride to the future residents of that location.


With an eye for aesthetic appeal, and an effective use of space, we can create a quality living space within our community.

Every housing project is more than just creating a visually appealing structure – these structures need to be secure; they need to be dependable; they need to be comfortable. Each unit is the future home of a family within our community, and it is vital that we treat every project as if it were meant for our own family.

By collaborating with clients to alleviate the housing shortage, we are focusing on local families and our community.

We have worked on a variety of housing projects, ranging from affordable multi-unit apartments to senior living facilities. From new families to our growing aging population, we want every resident in our community to have a sense of pride in where they live. With a balance of functionality, cost-effectiveness, and quality, we can address the housing shortage in Maine through top quality projects.