From the start, Lajoie Brothers has been a leader in concrete work in Central Maine. Our wealth of experience and technical skills encompass everything from laying foundations to erecting complex concrete structures. We understand the intricate requirements of concrete work from start to finish, including mix design, formwork, placement, and curing. Our proficiency with concrete ensures that our work is not only durable and robust, but aesthetically aligned with the project’s design. Lean on our concrete expertise for an ideal project outcome.


Lajoie Brothers’ carpentry services are part of our full-scope construction management approach, enabling more than just hands-on control over quality, schedule, and budget. Our team of skilled carpenters bring an artisan’s attention to detail to each step of construction, from framing to finish work, transforming your vision into a tangible reality. This in-house expertise supports our ability to deliver comprehensive, quality construction solutions with an eye for cost control.


Many construction projects require specialized lifting and positioning of large-scale materials and equipment. Lajoie Brothers has the crane and rigging operations background and expertise to safely, efficiently set trusses, air handlers, steel structures, and more. These heavy jobs require intricate planning and precise execution, and we have the skill for these operations. Our team is adept at managing complex lifting tasks, ensuring all pieces are positioned perfectly – while adhering to the strictest safety standards. This capability empowers us to handle challenges of any scale, providing our clients with seamless, effective, and safe construction solutions.


Our design-build services embody an all-encompassing approach where creative project design, strategic planning, and quality construction coalesce. By integrating these essential elements under one roof, we enhance collaboration, accelerate project timelines, and ensure quality control. With a single point of responsibility, we reduce project risks and provide cost efficiency, delivering an end product that aligns with your vision. Let Lajoie Brothers guide your project from start to finish for an exceptional outcome.